Online presence is one of the most important factors in today's world of Marketing. Since last decade online marketing has made a remarkable place for buyers and sellers to look for some better opportunities. There are many brands and websites who have made a remarkable recognition in web world; however it is still difficult for new players to make their presence online.

It is extremely difficult to make an online presence if you have less of budget towards online marketing and branding. However there is still an alternative which is free and can give same result over the time.

Make your website search engine friendly and it starts with acquiring some credible links, directory submissions can be your first step in acquiring some credible links, there are many websites which give reciprocal links, submit your site to them and give them a link from your website. Create a separate page for giving such links.

Second Step is writing an article and submitting them to Article directories, you can acquire some text links within these articles. You can also contact some bloggers and offer them your free content and ask them to give you link from those content. Bloggers like to publish quality and unique content, they will earn from advertising around that content.

Creating Social Media Page for your website and ask your friends to visit and comment on the services you are providing. You can run events and other initiatives to make your audience engaged; publish latest offers through Social media platforms.

Do on-page optimization for each page by adding Title, Description and Keywords. Add Google analytics code to your site for consistence performance analysis.

If you have an e-commerce website then you can join websites like Amazon or [eBay]] to sell your products.

There are many more such activities which can be done and help you in making a good online presence. For small business and websites it is extremely important to get a reference through some credible websites. It is very difficult to get links from sites having PR more than 6; however for startup PR 2 and PR 3 websites can be targeted and later once you have some PR to your website you can target sites have more PR.

Web directories are the easiest way to get links, make sure you submit at least to 500 directories and then can expect to get links from 50 of them. Free listings are time consuming however for long run it is very useful in creating good backlinks to your website.

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