Creators, sustainers, and destroyers is a pseudohistory or racial philosophy popular within the White Nationalism movement. This framework has been universally rejected by mainstream thinkers.

The framework divides humans into three groups by their supposed ability to be "civilized".

William Luther Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries, laid the early ground of the framework. Writing in 1978, Pierce said: "The level of civilization that a people can develop and maintain is a function of the biological quality, the racial quality, of that people – in particular, of its problem-solving ability. That is why Blacks and certain other races never developed even a rudimentary civilization and are incapable of sustaining a civilization built for them by Whites" [1]

A 1998 essay by another author summarized the framework more succinctly: "The whites were the creators of civilization, the yellows its sustainers and copyists, the blacks its destroyers". [2]


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