Creamy C

Creamy C, a rapper a genius born on the 24th of November 1990 he is known for his outstanding rapping skills, also known for his Dj skills and his No1 hit 'IMA GENIUS'

Early Life

Creamy C born in Australia, raised in Ballarat stated his career by being really good at rhyming words, knowing his talent he started to write songs his first hit 'IMA GENIUS' was big through out the Victorian region. Attending Mt Clear Collage his reputation was quite small to begin with but after befriending some people he became quite big. Thats when his Dj career started, he started doing some gigs at some party's, becoming quite good at it he stated to hit the clubs then it all became wild.

Hidden Ego

Only his friends know the true identity of Creamy C because he always has some thing covering his face.

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