Count of Banhous de Cæser: A Noble title of French origin granted by in 1768. The name of Banhous de Cæser originates from the Occitan language, which is a Romance language spoken in the southern part of France. Banhous de Cæser is known in French as Bagnols sur-Ceze. The granting of the title using the Occitan name gives evidence, that the language was still used in the latter half of the 18th Century.The title was granted to Pietro Paolo Portelli-Banhous de Cæser on 11th May 1768 with the right to succession.

The 1st Count

Pietro-Paolo and his family left northern Italy to emigrate to the island of Malta in 1760. Before leaving for Malta he lived in France for several years, and soon earned a name for himself among the wealthy class for his great expertise in the restoration and construction of doors in several French Palaces. Having befriended the King, a title was created for him. The title was issued by the court of Auvergne in 1768 by order of Louis XV, and was registered by the Order of St.John in Malta.

Early life

Pietro Paolo married Grazia Mifsud, daughter of Giuseppe Mifsud and Caterina De bono on the 6th of June 1718 in Gharghur, Malta. Before and after his marriage Pietro Paolo would often live in Malta for several months at a time, which is what made him take the final decision to emigrate to the island in the 1760's. He died on the 6th May 1770. And was succeeded by his son Pasquale.

the 2nd Count

Pasquale Portelli-Banhous de Cæser succeeded as the 2nd Count after his fathers death in 1770. The official recognition granted to Pasquale by the Order of st.John was issued on the 9th September 1789. it is probable that he was officially recognized as the successor to his father, immediately after his fathers death, and the official document issued in 1789 was a reassurance to him, given the outbreak of the French Revolution. After returning to France to demand the return of his properties he was captured and arrested by revolutionary forces in November 1792.

After the arrest of Pasquale Portelli-Banhous de Cæser, the family remained in Malta and broke all ties with France. Giovanni-Battista Portelli-Banhous de Cæser succeeded Pasquale as the 3rd Count. The family was offered a pension by the Order of st.John to compensate their losses. After the Order of st.John was forced to capitulate in 1798 by the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte, like many others, the family was forced to burn all their insignia and items related to ownership and nobility.

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