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Couchgating is the act of enjoying a big time sporting event from the comfort of one’s couch. A couchgate party is a social event that often hinges on a comfortable sofa, a group of friends and most importantly, the right game day food.


Over the past 10 years, couchgating has continued to grow with over 50 million consumers watching at home instead of going to games in 2012. Committed to the couchgating movement, KFC adopted the trademark “Official Sponsor of Couchgating” in late 2012.

While mostly associated with sporting events, Couchgating can also refer to any TV watching event, such as program season finales, musical events, etc.


Couchgating is literally a spectator sport with rules of its own including:

  • Rule #2: If you touch the wing, you eat the wing.
  • Rule #11: The last hot wing goes to the fan sitting closest to the right corner of the coffee table.
  • Rule #12: A couchgater using more than one throw pillow can be hit with up to four throw pillows for hogging throw pillows.
  • Rule #21: Dogs aren’t napkins.
  • Rule #37: Spilling orange or red soda on a couch during a couchgate can result in loss of chicken, or two potato wedges.
  • Rule #47: Any couchgater who takes another couchgaters chicken, bites or hot wings without that couchgaters verbal or written permission will be called for Illegal hands to the chicken and will result in a loss of wedges.
  • Rule #53: Never wipe your hands on a white sofa unless the owner of that white sofa has asked you to do so.
  • Rule #68: 2-liters must be shared.
  • Rule #90: Victory dances aren’t over until the victor says they’re over.
  • Rule #117: If fellow Couchgater falls asleep, all defacement must be drawn in washable marker.
  • Rule #892: “Backsies” may only be called for 5-minute periods.

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