On 22 May 2011, at around 4.30pm a man approached a member of the Garda Síochána in Cork City Centre who was sitting in his traffic corp jeep. The man got into the vehicle began to beat up the Garda, produced a knife, before slashing his face, the Garda then jumped from his jeep. The man then hijacked the Garda's traffic corps jeep before, hitting vehicles en-route to Cork Airport while Gardaí gave chase. At around 4.50pm the man arrived at Cork Airport, rammed through the perimeter fence near the Cargo terminal (Gate 19), before abandoning the Garda jeep after it broke down, he then again produced a knife, and again hijacked a vehicle which belonged to the Airport Fire Service, by this time Air Traffic Control had suspended all operations. The man began to drive erratically coming into close contact with a Thomas Cook flight driving underneath the aircraft at high speed, the incident was captured on YouTube by a passenger waiting to board a flight.[1] The man proceeded to ram several Garda and airport vehicles, before attempting to ram an Aer Lingus aircraft bound for Amsterdam. The man's vehicle stalled which prevented him from ramming the Aer Lingus jet, the jeep halted just feet from the Airbus A320-200 aircraft, where members of the Regional Support Unit subdued the man by tasering him, during the chase in the airport another Garda was injured and transported to hospital after his car was rammed by the assailant. Flights where resumed after the man was removed from airport property and the perimeter secured.


The Assailant has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges relating to incidents in Cork city centre and at Cork Airport on 22 May 2011. A Garda Sergeant was speaking on day two of the trial. He told the jury of nine men and three women that he saw Mr Stapleton in a stolen airport vehicle drive in a deliberate fashion at a number of vehicles on the airport apron, including an unmarked garda car with its siren on, and a garda traffic jeep the defendant had earlier taken from the city centre. He said he then saw him drive towards an Aer Lingus plane close to the terminal. There were four or five baggage handlers underneath it, the plane was loaded with fuel and passengers were on board.He saw the stolen jeep stop ten metres short of the plane, and saw the defendant jump out wearing boxer shorts and carrying a knife. The Sergeant said he believed there was a serious risk posed to life. As the baggage handlers scattered for their lives, the sergeant said he placed himself between the assailant and the plane, pointed his machine gun at him and shouted: Armed Police!. Drop Your Weapon!. It caused the defendant to fall backwards on the baggage carousel where he was then subdued by gardaí using tazers.[2]

The case continues. (12-06-2012)


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