Core Energetics is a process which bridges body psychotherapy and spirituality.

Core Energetics

The technique of Core Energetics was developed in the early 1970’s by the late Dr. John Pierrakos.[1] Core Energetics is an applied method of therapy that strives to achieve transformation through self-discovery and self awareness and helps in integrating mind, body, will, emotions and spirit.

Overview of Core Energetics

Core Energetics is conceived of as a mind/body therapeutic approach that bridges body-psychotherapy and spirituality. It is designed to allow the individual to deeply feel their emotions and conflicting feelings, and help them to discover the sensations of true healing more rapidly than with traditional talk therapy alone. Core Energetics can be difficult, but it inspires creativity, excitement and uniqueness and offers physical and emotional healing.

According to Pierrakos, Core Energetics is basically based on psychology, so it can be used for removing the deep seated causes of depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship problems and also helps in integrating mind, body and spirit. Sessions start by clearing the aura, aligning the chakras and removing the negative thoughts which can block the flow of positive energy in the body. In this mode of therapy healing there are certain assumptions which are as follows:

  • an individual is a psychosomatic unity.
  • that healing lies within, and
  • that all of life of which we are a part moves toward creative evolution for an individual.

Benefits of Core Energetics

According to Pierrakos, to truly heal, one must understand every aspect of their inner self, their strength, their beauty and the depths of their darkness. Change occurs in each stages of human life starting from infantry stage to adulthood stage and in core energetics each layer of a being is identified and brought into awareness. Core Energetics therapy helps the individual to achieve the ultimate happiness, abundance of joy and life satisfaction which can be done by creating the burst of positive energy that can be channelized properly in the right direction to achieve spiritual, mental and physical healing. The individual will be able to learn how to mobilize his body energy that lies within his body for his benefits. Core Energetics helps to access hidden aspects of ourselves - a process of difficult emotions that may otherwise to be painful to hold or even talk about. It also helps to manage overwhelming emotions and becomes the catalyst in processing them so they may be more easily digested.


  1. John C. Pierrakos (2005). Core Energetics: Developing the Capacity to Love and Heal. Core Evolution Publishing. ISBN 9780977439409. 

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