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Cool-jams Wicking Products is a consumer goods company based in the United States. The company was founded in 2007 by serial entrepreneur Anita Mahaffey. Cool-jams products are noted for being constructed from scientifically advanced performance fabrics to aid in night time temperature regulation. Cool-jams started with its collection of wicking sleepwear in 2007. In 2011 Cool-jams added a line of temperature regulating bedding and a collection of quick drying, lightweight travel sleepwear.


Cool-jams Founder Anita Mahaffey graduated from University of San Diego in 1980. Ms. Mahaffey started her career working in a variety of marketing positions for various US corporations to include Bumble Bee Seafoods, Round Table Restaurants, Park City Ski Area and Home Fed Bank. She left the corporate world for entrepreneurship in 1987. Since then she has started several ventures to include Cool-jams Inc. in 2007. Cool-jams has grown rapidly due to the need for effective wicking products to help with night sweats and night time temperature regulation issues brought on my menopause, cancer, thyroid conditions, warm climates, obesity, diabetes, certain medications.


Cool-jams have been called the best performing moisture wicking sleepwear based on side-by-side testing for dry time and heat and moisture wicking ability. The company's philosophy is that if you sleep better, your perform better. Cool-jams is on a mission to help people achieve a great night's sleep with their innovative line of products to include Men's and women's moisture wicking sleepwear available in sizes S-3X, Cool-jams temperature regulating sheets, cooling pillows, cooling mattress pads, and cooling blankets. Their line of wicking travel sleepwear is well known for it's quick drying ability as well as being lightweight and compact.

Future plans include licensing of the Cool-jams brand and specialty online sleep comfort and travel comfort shops.

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