Contrappasso Magazine is an independent international literary magazine edited by Matthew Asprey and Theodore Ell and based in Sydney, Australia. The first issue was launched at Sappho Books, Sydney, in August 2012.[1][2]


The first two issues of the magazine have featured long interviews with the writers James Crumley, Lester Goran, Clive Sinclair, and Elmore Leonard. Featured authors include David Thomson, Floyd Salas, Vanessa Berry, Lester Goran, Mimi Lipson, Peter Doyle, Clive Sinclair, John Salazar, Paul Pax Andrews. Contributing poets include Antigone Kefala, Chris Andrews, Tessa Lunney, Erin Martine Sessions, Mark Tredinnick, Daniel East, Mark O’Connor, Paolo Totaro, Chris Oakey, Elias Greig, Luke Whitington, Paolo Fabrizio Iacuzzi, Floyd Salas, Pip Muratore, Lindsay Tuggle, and Fiona Yardley.

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  2. "The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, Australia), 2012 July 28, p.29 (ISSN: 0312-6315)". 

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