Contour, previously VholdR, is a company that produces, markets and sells compact, hand-free cameras. They are designed to record adventurous or vigorous activities where a conventional hand-held camera wouldn't be feasible.[1][2]

History & Past Models

In 2004 two undergraduate students and recreational skiers created a basic helmet-mounted video camera to share their outdoor adventures with family and friends.[3]

They began assembling and selling the first model, Twenty20 Helmet Camera, via a warehouse in Seattle, Washington.[4][5]

The Twenty20 Helmet Camera V1 was the first model of helmet mountable camera to feature a CMOS image sensor. With its 9 volt battery pack (also an exclusive feature at the time) it was capable of operating for approximately 16 hours.[6]

The Twenty20 Helmet Camera V2 featured a new image sensor that only used a minimal number of wires for ruggedness and simplicity.[7][8]

The VholdR model boasted many online-oriented features such as 'shoot and share' as well as an online community. The VholdR won the 2008 CES Innovations Award and the 2008 Business Week IDEA Bronze Medal. It also had single button operation, a microSD card slot and lasers to ensure proper alignment.[9]

The company then changed to the Contour line of cameras with the ContourHD in 2009. The first hands-free 1080p HD video camera.[10][11]

ContourGPS uses real-time GPS data while recording.[12][13]

Current Models

Currently (January 03 2013) there are two models offered by Contour.[14]

The Contour+ has live HDMI streaming, wider Field of view and built-in Bluetooth.[15][16]

The cheaper ContourROAM is waterproof, has a 170º view angle, a 270º rotating lens, an 'instant-on/record' switch and is available in four colours.[17][18]


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