'Conor Mcotter'

Once a well know figure in his local town Kilrea for an extreme bowler/philantrophist, at the age of 12 his passion for animal welfare and the art of speed chess where his initial stepping stones to transform this young boy into one of the best credit controllers in the land.

However Conor did not always have this huge passion for collecting debt. Although he is still only 21, he has had the same amount of experiences as an 80 year old monk/Harry Potter. He can often tread water for 3 days in a row and some people believe that he is chuck norris's son - Chuck Norris being both his Mother and Father.

You can often see conor grazing at the bar of Vanity Rain nightclub, Slabbering at anyone he see's and using his controversal nature to threat away competition from his watering hole. Most times he is quite submissive and with an impressive IQ of 151 he is in the top 2% quartile of the world, along with Liam Neeson, Moning Murtle and Dave Lamb (come dine with me commentator).

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