Clouverse is a forum-based social networking website for discussions on fringe topics such as conspiracy theories, alternative explanations and paranormal investigation. It was founded June 1, 2012 by, LLC. Membership is free, but users must register to the site by providing an email, username and password before contributing. Membership is open to all around the globe, with many users located primarily in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.


Discussion are centered on conspiracies, unsolved mysteries, the paranormal and other alternative news. Popular topics include UFOs, New World Order, Illuminati connections and chemtrails. These investigations, called Clous, are created by the user to gather and disseminate information about any person, place, thing or idea associated with it.


Clouverse maintains a self-regulated forum structure. Its users can moderate details provided within Clous they establish. Several forums can be maintained within each investigation. The website itself does not censor investigations, posts or forums. Its users have the ability to remain anonymous by creating a unique username.


Clouverse follows a theme of being a private investigator or investigative journalist investigating world conspiracies. Users are able to create a profile, wherein they can update their status, send confidential messages to other investigators, call upon their friends to solve investigations and upload pictures. All user can post Clous, which are presented to the community. Once a Clou has been posted to the community, users can use several features within Clouverse to provide information about their investigation. Cases act as forums where users can discuss evidence surrounding the investigation. Narratives are wikis that provide extra documents to each Clou, or relate an investigator's experience of the investigation. Users can also track activity and location of their investigations on interactive maps.

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