Clean and capture is a technology that allows remediation and cleaning specialists to clean surfaces in any direction while not producing cross contamination in a nearby water supply or surfaces. The technology was developed in Anaheim, California at PowerPlus Cleaning Solutions for decontamination and cleaning of any given surface. White sheets are currently under development and will be available soon.

The technology is contained within specially designed cleaning tools that are used during decontamination efforts. They range from hand held four inch tools that resemble vacuum cleaner nozzles, ride-able mobile mounted solutions, and even portable machines that can decontaminate soil as it is passed through the Clean and Capture process.

It works by creating a sealed environment within a cleaning tool's head wherein chemicals, water, or solutions are injected into the surface at a controlled heat level. As the agitated water breaks up particles and reaches deep into the pores of a surface, suction pulls the contaminates and dirt particles out of the surface. Other times special chemicals are needed to deal with specific contaminates such as radiation, oil, etc. In these cases, the tools allow for these special chemicals to be used without harming the tool and actually attracts the contaminates out of impossible crevices, making them accessible to the agitated solution and again is caught up by the powerful suction and then captured by the tool where it can be stored in a remote location and processed.

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Clean and capture is the process by which high pressure agitation and immediate extraction occurs within a closed tool head. This creates superior cleaning results with no run-off, over-spray, or cross-contamination.


Clean up efforts in Fukushima Japan where Clean and Capture tech is being used.


[Here is the company that developed Clean and Capture;]

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