Claudio Encarnacion Montero (born 12 octuber 1995) is an English actor and singer in West London, England. Claudio is the son of José del Carmen Encarnación Terrero, a farm worker and Argentina Ramirez, housewife, (+14-02-97). He has two older sisters: Maryland (19-20)and Yessenia (17-18), and Irene, younger (12-13). When he was two years and three months old, at the death of his mother, his father decided to give them up for adoption, living at the time, a great economic crisis and with very few resources to manage their children. It was the choice he had to give their children up for adoption to different middle-class families, but Claudio did not have the fate of their sisters. Of these what is known is that they were adopted by a family whose surnames were Liranzo Sanchez and it was a normal family. But because of a mistake I had, it was said that on his birth certificate that Claudio was born in 1988, when the correct date was October 12, 1996.


Claudio was born on October 12, 1995 in West London, England.Claudio is the son of Jose del Carmen Terrero Encarnación agricultural worker and Argentina Ramirez an activist who fought for the horn also of their community his death, Claudius never knew his mother because she died when he had just two years and three months old.

Career as a stage actor

Claudio Encarnacion Montero started his acting career in the library studying theater children and youth with Professor Brito and Indiana outstanding theater actress that has performed and participated with great performer Manuel Rueda Gonzalez in Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. From the Dominican Republic library step to study at the art school where participated in numerous plays.

Early In The Movies

On the night of November 14, when it initiated the Global Film Festival, Gabriel Valencia met a renowned photographer. Claudio who asked him if this was answered that player but does not work from behind cameras Claudio history spoke of how he came to a field of San Juan de Santo Domingo. The next night Gabriel Valencia was presented to a renowned director Ivan Herrera, who has worked with filmmakers impotant Germany, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Supesto Ivan has worked in film as an administrative assistant, whose productions include: The Good Shepherd with Robert De Niro, Miami Vice with Michael Mannen. A Leticia Tonos, Claudio told her story and Gabriel Valencia and Ivan Herrera is committed to help and support you in your movie studios. Claudio first job in the film Ivan Herrera With Bird Of Paradise in which he made a strategic role that counted with the performance by singer and actress Acentoh, Geovanny Cruz, Santana and actress Jensen Julietta Rodriguez

Personal Life

In 2010 Encarnacion had a brief relationship with a popular actress named Massiel Ortiz which lasted six months of relationship ended after the latter denounced him for physical agreciones, later a witness testify and would say it was all a plan of his girlfriend I wanted revenge on the actor. Cludio currently maintains a relationship with one of his colleague Leslie Marie Ortega name.


  • 2012 : El Ave Del Paraiso (The Bird Of Paradise)

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