Cigar guy refers to a man who appeared in a photograph taken by Daily Mail photographer Mark Pain during the 2010 Ryder Cup golf tournament. The photograph captures golfer Tiger Woods attempting a chip shot near the 18th hole green of the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport. Woods' shot went errant and eventually hit Pain's camera, but not before Pain took the photograph.[1] The man standing to Woods' left in the picture became known as "cigar guy" and spawned an internet meme.[2][3][4]

Description and significance

The photograph features Tiger Woods and the errant golf ball in the foreground while Steve Williams stands to Woods' right. In the background, hundreds of spectators look on. The picture, first published in the Daily Mail on 3 October 2010,[1] was deemed an example of remarkable timing due to the rare event of the golf ball about to impact the camera.[5] However, the most significant focus of the picture became the golf fan standing to Tiger's left. In the picture, the man is seen wearing a ginger wig, sporting a Groucho Marx style moustache while chomping on a cigar. Some people believed he was paying homage to Spanish golfer Miguel Ángel Jiménez.[6] By 6 October, the picture was being covered internationally.[7] The man became known as "cigar guy" among other names[5] and started an internet meme.[8] In the meme, people have photoshopped "cigar guy" to other sports and famous photos. "cigar guy's" facial expression has been described as reflecting positivity, optimism, and wide-eyed wonderment.[8]


Although one website offered a $1,000 reward to track down cigar guy's identity,[9] it was revealed by the Mail on Sunday 10 October that cigar guy is Rupesh Shingadia, a 30-year-old investment analyst from South London who lives with his parents.[10] He was dressed as Miguel Ángel Jiménez, the cigar-smoking golf player, in support for the European team.[10][11][12] Some sources noted the resemblance to Jiménez before Shingadia was identified.[13][14]

Shingadia appeared on the American Today show (in costume) on 15 October 2010, noting that while he is enjoying it, he is also "slightly embarrassed" at the worldwide attention.[15][16]


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