Christopher Marshell ( Born 26 July 1960 ) is a British Businessman born from Egyptian origin, He's the CEO of SASCO International Holdings Co, It have multiple offices around the globe including The Middle East, The Americas, Asia. Christopher Marshell is from the richest residents in Westminster. Marshal's Wealth is estimated at £3.8 billion.

Business interests

  • In 2004 Christopher Marshell became the CEO of SASCO International Holdings.
  • In 2005 SASCO RE-opened their branches in California, Los Angeles, Sydney, Rome, Austria.
  • In 2007 SASCO opened a new branch in Qatar.
  • In 2010 Christopher Marshell got the tender offer for their new office in the Kingdom Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • In 2010 Christopher Marshell became the chairman of a partner company Sellar Property Group
  • In 2011 SASCO renovated their branch in Paris.
  • In 2012 SASCO owned a percentage in Thomas Cook Group and Porsche London.

The Marshell Holdings around the globe worth more than £19.8 billion

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