Christine Assange is the mother of Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. She first came to public attention in Australia in 2006 under the name "Christine Hawkins" as the organiser of "The Great Australian Bikini March", a protest that called upon Australian women to wear bikinis and march on a Melbourne Islamic centre in protest at remarks by Muslim clerics about immodestly dressed women. [1] [2] The march was scheduled to take place on the first anniversary of the Cronulla riots. Interviewed by ABC radio, Hawkins described herself as "a veteran bikini wearer" and called for the Australian government to introduce new citizenship legislation to weed out "extremists" [3] The protest gained national and international attention, but was first postponed and later cancelled after being promoted by far-right organisations. The event website blamed negative media coverage for the cancellation. After Hawkin's son rose to prominence, it was reported that he had helped his mother to organise the event by setting up the website and mentioning it on his own blog. [4].

After her son's rise to prominence as the founder of Wikileaks, Hawkins resumed the name "Assange" and campaigned prominently on his behalf.[5] [6]


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