Christina Danielle Tisbury was born on September 15th to two teenagers who didn't know the first thing about being parents. She is an aspiring writer. EARLY LIFE. The night Delilah was born everyone was surprised because her mother hadn't gained much weight or anything. Born at exactly 10:22pm in the hall bathroom at her grandmothers house Delilah and her mother were rushed to the hospital. It was determined that she was two months premature and she was kept in the hospital for two weeks. When Delilah was brought home she and her parents lived with her maternal grandmother. Her grandmother was the one who did just about everything for her even though her parents were there. While still a baby her grandmother legally adopted her. For the first year of her life she was loved and spoiled and the happiest baby in the world. When she was fourteen months old her grandmother was worried that she wasn't walking yet so she was taken to the doctor. After a bunch of tests and a few different visits it was determined that Delilah had a mild case of cerebral palsy. It would only affect her walking and that was good.

So after finding that out they slowly got her walking. It was harder for her and she fell a lot more than normal toddlers but she was so full of life that it didn't matter.

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