"Christian Walsh & The Prodigies" are an American blues band formed in O'Neill, Nebraska in 2013 by Christian Edward Walsh, and Ehric Strope.

Influences for the band

Walsh and Stropes two major influences to make this band are The Eaglesand Cream. They want to last a long time like The Eagles and want to be as good as Cream.


Walsh and Strope met in 2010 in a school band that they still play in today. They both play a type of saxophone Walsh plays alto and Strope plays tenor. In 2012 Strope got his first guitar and he started talking about forming a band with Walsh. This took awhile to happen but it did. On February 25, 2013 it was official that the band would be formed and that they would have try-outs for drummers, bassist, and singers.



  • 2013: "Out At The Crossroads"


  • 2013: "What's Up With That"
  • 2013: "Out At The Crossroads"


  • Walsh should be more known
  • This band will be great
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