Christian Edward Walsh (born January 3, 2000) is an American blues guitar from O'Neill, Nebraska. Born in Norfolk, Nebraska, lived in Lincoln, Nebraska now lives in O'Neill, Nebraska.


Christian got his first guitar when he was 5 and he has never put it down. Since then he started playing talent shows to get more known. He has played many talent shows in his life. In 2010 he got 2nd place out of 20-40 people who were all older than him. In 2007 he played his first talent show and thats what got him most known in his area. That was what got him thinking "This is what i should do".

In 2009 he went to Omaha, Nebraska to see Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. That concert was the deal that made him get even more serious about his music. Before this concert he only practiced about a hour a day. Now he practices from 3-5 hours a day. He has started playing for homecoming at St. Mary's High School (O'Neill, Nebraska) in O'Neill, Nebraska. He plays guitar at St. Patrick's Church in O'Neill, Nebraska.


In 2010 Christian started playing more talent shows and with more school bands. This is some of the stuff that got him more known from O'Neill, Nebraska to Norfolk, Nebraska. He recently entered a contest to play at Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013 with Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Quinn Sullivan, and many more. During this contest he asked many people to check him out on it and asked them to show it around. A lot of people left comments, more support, and people listening to his music. He did not win, but he did thank everyone who helped out with him in the contest. Now he is in a contest called Battle Of The Bands. He put new music and his new website on there. This contest ends in November or December.


Christian uses a Squier Stratocaster, Martin DX1, Epiphone Wildkat, and a Rouge Mandolin.


Christian has many influences like Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Joe Walsh, George Harrison, Quinn Sullivan, Gregg Allman, JJ Cale, BB King, Robert Johnson, John Mayer, Jimmy Page, John Lennon, Jeff Beck, and many more.



  • 2013: "Open The Eyes"

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