Chris Baker (born 12 September 1997) is a British charity fundraiser. In 2012, he took part in the Olympic Torch Relay, carrying the torch in the South West.

Charity work

Chris' fundraising started in 2004, where he raised money for the Indonesian tsunami. Since then he has helped fundraise for charities including PDSA, Children in Need and The Salvation Army. His fundraising efforts have reached over £1,500. Chris currently holds events to raise funds for these charities.

Chris created the concept 'Come Dine with the Kids', based on the Channel 4 programme Come Dine with Me. He has held two of these events where guests make a donation on how much they enjoyed the evening. This also supported a number of charities.

Since January 2012 Chris has supported Westie Rescue Scheme, as he owns two Westies himself[1], this is a small national charity who specialise in the wellbeing of West Highland Terriers.

Torch Relay

On Sunday 20 May 2012, Chris was an Olympic Torchbearer for his charity work[2]. In the lead-up to this he was interviewed by BBC Radio Devon and BBC Spotlight


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