Chivtahin is a Gram Panchayat of Thekma block , Tehsil Lalganj District Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh India. Not well-known or famous because of Ignorance of Uttar Pradesh Government and Indian Government. People living in this village are very simple human being, Education ratio or very low only because of Uttar Pradesh and Indian Government, Any MLA and MP not born in this village because of this reason there is no development at all. MLA and MP trying to visit Chivtahin in the season of "Vote". and when they get vote from simple people then they forget them and coming in the next season. The people of this village depend on Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and other gulf countries. only few or educated and all other are uneducated and working in gulf countries as labor, electrician, driver, etc etc. and who got educated leave the village and selected modern city like Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow etc etc. the problem is they know that if they will leave there, their's children future will be spoil. and this true, because there is 0% of development, Light only coming to get monthly bill and on paper only. there is primary school, but no body like to get admission of their children in that school because the teacher coming only for attendance.

there is no hospital or clinic, Only there is one certified Doctor, Villagers thanking him lot because he did not leave his village and prefer to practice in Chivtahin. his name is Dr. Modabbir Ul Mulk. there is also a medical store, at that medical store if you are sick you can get medicine also without doctor description. and all these facilities because of Gambhipur police who do not want to see their licence at all.

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