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Original Article

Chinese style of crossing road is a phrase which e-friends used to ridicule the Chinese who cross the roads in a large group of people without observance of traffic.In fact,it is easy to cross the road without waiting and following the instructions of the traffic lights if you are among a group of people who is eager to cross the road similarly. What behind the phenomenon is the social principles that punishment isn’t inflicted on quantities of people and the social psychology called conformity. So we can easily understand why they don’t care about the traffic rules. Once having been spread on the Internet, Chinese style of crossing road provokes discussion about the traffic, the people's quality and the consciousness of security. At 6th December 2012, Beijing PSB announced that the specific actions would be taken to focus on solving the three exceptional lawful problems-----the problem of traffic, the problem of social public order and the problem of environment. It also emphasize that these actions won't only aim at Chinese style of crossing road.

The origin of the incident

At 10th October 2012, an e-friend put a joke on his Blog. The joke says: Chinese style of crossing road is that crossing the roads is not related to the traffic lights, but depends on courting enough people to cross roads. At 11th October, another e-friend put the similar joke on his micro blog. In the micro blog, we can see a photo which shows how pedestrians cross the road. Although, we can’t see the traffic lights in the photo .But we can see that some of the pedestrian didn’t walk on the zebra crossing including a superior citizen with a baby carriage, electric bicycles and tricycles. The micro blog makes a lot of people think about their way of crossing roads. It has been transmit by 100000 e-friends. Many people write messages attached to this post. Some people admitted that he is one of Chinese across the roads.

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