Marble mining the most active to be the case in Asia after 2000. First, natural marble industrial development since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of all kinds of stone about 27,000 enterprises, employing up to 500 people. Chinese stone resources all over the north and south, the Great Wall, more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have stone resources have been developed. From Inner Mongolia, Mongolia Black from Hainan Cliff state red; Liaoning Dandong green to Xinjiang's Tianshan Blue, Cong cross of Miles, stone reserves are very rich in the forefront in the world of special varieties. The country is now built mine points over 3000 seats, as many as 1000 varieties. The Chinese Granite resource view has developed, mainly concentrated in the coastal provinces. Shandong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and other provinces, autonomous regions, with its output accounting for almost 70% of the production of granite.

Marble mineral resources in China is extremely rich, large reserves, and more varieties, the total reserves in the world. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 400 varieties preliminary identification of domestic marble, expensive varieties which are summarized as follows:

  • pure white: in Beijing Fangshan white marble; of Anhui the Huaining and guichi white marble; Hebei Quyang and the Laiyuan white marble; Baoxing Shu white; Jiangsu the Ganyu white marble; the Yunnan Dali Cangshan white marble; Pingdu Yexian Snow White.
  • Black: Guilin, Guangxi Guilin black; Hunan Shaoyang black marble; Shandong Cangshan Moyu, Venus, the king; of Henan Anyang ink Henan black.
  • red: Anhui Lingbi the red Vanbo Lo; South River, NANJIANG red; Hebei Laishui of Laishui red and Fuping Fuping red; the northeastern Liaoning Tieling red.

Were gray: Zhejiang Hangzhou Hangzhou gray; Dali, Yunnan cloud gray.

  • Yellow: Chuan Song Hong Huang, Henan and Zhejiang, rosin jade and beige; Baoxing yellow line jade.
  • Green: Dandong, Liaoning Dandong green; waves of in Laiyang Laiyang green and Qixia jade; the Huaining Bibo etc.
  • Color: Yunnan spring flowers, autumn flowers, Ink flower; Zhejiang Quzhou snowy night plum.
  • blue: Baoxing the blue jade.

Marble repair equipment design (3)
● black and white are: Hubei Tongshan black and white roots.

Methods of Evaluation

Choose the right level: according to the specifications size allows the allowed tolerance of deviation, flatness and angle, as well as the appearance of quality, surface finish and other indicators, plates divided into superior products, first-class products and qualified products three levels; marble plates grading identify instruments, measuring tools to identify.

Check the appearance of quality: the different appearance of the different grades of marble plates. Because marble is a natural formation, defects are inevitable. The pros and cons of processing equipment and measuring tools are also caused by plate defects. Some plates plate body fullness (warping or depression), the plate body defects (cracks, blisters, stains, etc.), the board body different specifications (such as missing corners, the plate is not correct). Accordance with national standards for each grade marble plates are allowed certain defects, but less obvious nothing superior product.
Selection pattern tone: marble plates colorful, varied colors, no pattern, this is the marble plates rare charm. Basically the same tone, the color difference is smaller, beautiful patterns is a concrete manifestation of the fine varieties, otherwise it will seriously affect the decorative effect.

Detection surface gloss: the level of the surface gloss of the marble slabs will greatly affect the decorative effect. In general, high-quality marble polished surface of the plate should have a mirror-like sheen, clearly reflected on the scene. Different quality of marble due to the different chemical composition, even if it is the same level of product, gloss differences will be great. Of course, the surface gloss of the plate between the different grades of the same material there will be some differences. In addition, the strength of the marble plates, water absorption evaluation is also an important indicator of the quality of the marble.

Stone features and advantages

1. No deformation, high hardness and wear resistance.
2. Resistance to abrasion, high temperature resistant, maintenance-free.
3. Physical stability, meticulous organization, the impact grain shedding surface edges can not afford, and does not affect the accuracy of the plane, material stability, to ensure the long-term deformation, small linear expansion coefficient, high precision machinery, anti-rust, anti-magnetic, insulation.

A rock by the long-term natural aging, the organizational structure of uniform, linear expansion coefficient is extremely small, the internal stress completely disappeared, no deformation.

Second, good rigidity, high hardness, wear resistance, small deformation temperature.

Third, the alkaline in hard stone, except for the few texture especially hard, such as white marble, is generally only used for indoor Not appear scratches, without thermostatic conditions prevent, at room temperature can also maintain their original physical properties. (Gently touch the course does not appear so-called scratch: nonsense! Which an editor who is going to deal with their own)

Not magnetized, measurements can move smoothly, no tight feeling free from damp, the plane weighed. Physical properties: modulus of elasticity of the Specific Gravity 2970–3070 kg/m3 compressive strength :2500–2600 kg / cm3 :1.3-1 .5 × 106 kg/cm2 water absorption.

The following breakdown:

  • Class A: The quality of the marble, has the same, excellent processing quality, free of impurities and pores.
  • Class B: characteristics close to the former type of marble, but the processing quality than the former slightly worse; natural flaws; need a small amount of separation, gluing and filling.
  • Class C: there are some differences in processing quality; blemishes, pores, texture fracture is more common. Medium difficult to patch these differences, by separating, glue, filled or reinforced one or more of these methods can be realized.
  • Class D: Characteristics and Class C the marble similar natural flaws but it contains more processing quality differences, the same way a number of surface treatment. The type of integration of many colorful marble stone, they have a very good decorative value.

Radiation problems

Marble furniture in addition to the extremely high requirements on the sheet robustness and environmental stone radioactive strict control. For a long time, people mistakenly think that marble furniture will have radiation, inevitably there are some concerns in the purchase. In fact, the marble radioactivity is very low, basically will not cause harm to humans.

Marble Care

Marble maintenance is the most effective, most enduring and most economical methods of care the crystal face care, the crystal face care will not hurt the stone surface.

Crystal face care agent is not a light wax, polishing powder, not like other products, renovation, repair, and other multi-functional, it's just a long-term maintenance care products, it has: Harden, plus light, non-slip, stains the four function. A scientific point of view: the crystal face care process is actually a chemical action, the crystal planes agent (acid) and stone material (calcium carbonate) to produce a chemical derived role, when produced by chemical the lime surface after the ground wiping the machine The heat and pressure and hardening, the transfer of heat through the wire cotton, light and hard calcareous glass surface. Wire cotton another effect is some corrosion in the ground stain removal and absorption within the wire sponge, having a cleaning effect.

Area each time the to sprinkle crystal surface agent to 2 m2 prevail, would need to be phased by-meter polished, enough is enough, whenever the crystal surface agent is to rub machine grinding dry stone to send glass light should be shut down immediately, otherwise the luminosity due to excessive friction generated heat damage, turns to the opposite effect, especially in the white stone is staggering.


1. Stone dry and smooth surface, refurbished as much as possible to use animal hair pad or nano-wool pad throwing dry ground temperature to 50 degrees again crystal surface treatment.
2. Use a clean of wire sponge with scouring pad.
3. Brought the matter closed, Stone issued a shiny glass should be shut down immediately.
4. Best to use the neutral crystal surface agent, neutral refurbished pulp.
Stone the day-to-day maintenance the crystal hardening process: This is the best way of maintenance should be adopted in this way, as long as conditions do.

Tools and materials: stone care machine (brush to machine), red scouring pad, watering, dust mop, and maintenance agents of the crystal surface, hard crystalline powder.

Routine maintenance

1-2 times a week to stone care machine with nano-wool pad (scouring pad) (if any 300-400 rpm high-speed machine better) sprayed with a small amount of crystal surface clean or wash has ground the maintenance agents or hard crystalline powder (hard crystalline powder add water according to humidity, water and dry weather, the water should be more.) 1-2 grams per square meter.

Use the Stone Care machine Tuyun, then grinding to bright can be. Finally, with a dust mop pushing the dust of the ground clean. Should be sub-jet mill, each 1-2 square meters. Scouring pad should be kept clean, when stained with too much powder effect; such as stained dirt is necessary to turn to the other side, until the two-sided all contamination and replace the new one. Depending on the area of work, to bring sufficient scouring pad, the contamination should be washed and dried in the sun before they can be used.

In smooth dark ground, scouring pad switch wire cotton pad, the better, but it should be noted that, the ground is not smooth or wire sponge pad contamination will cause the black ground.

Marble home detection

Common test: a drop of ink in the back of the stone, such as ink soon disperse that leaching means that loose particles inside the stone, of poor quality; However, if the ink drops do not occur penetration, Stone dense, good quality.
In fact, this is a simple stone water absorption test, if the ink droplets impermeable stone texture dense, low water absorption. But marble usually brushing a layer of protective agent to prevent stains penetrate. Also is likely even if the customers see the drop impermeable protective agent at work, rather than a manifestation of the performance of the stone itself. In addition, if the stone on the back of the water to bead-like, their brushing repellant, it is difficult to absorb water, may also lead to not fit with the cement, so that the marble front of the water absorption of the smaller, the better, but also should consider whether the back can cement bonding agent bonding.

Common test: the vinegar will react with marble produce calcium carbonate, the vinegar drops cause marble stone surface changes, becomes rough, which can be seen is not real marble.

This test sense in principle, but acetate weak acidity, so the test requires a longer reaction time, consumers do not see the results of one o'clock with dilute hydrochloric acid effect more obvious.

Common test: percussion marble, and pay attention to listen to the sound, if the sound is crisp and indicates that the product quality is very good, detailed internal uniformity no cracks; gruff voice then prove that the marble internal cracks and loose texture.

This test only shows that the texture of the stone is relatively hard, brittle and high strength, and not as a standard to determine the stone is good or bad, because the sound of stone has a certain relationship with their own species, size, which is the strength of high The marble is more suitable for the ground.

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