The Cherokee Moons Ceremonies were the ancient seasonal round of ceremonies practiced during ancient times by the Cherokee or 'Principle People' in the ancient culture. Although a modern calendar year comprises 12 months, there are actually 13 cycles or phases of the moon in the Cherokee Calendar. The seasonal round of ceremonies was based on 13 moons, and was considered a necessary spiritual element for growth and encouraged social gatherings among the Cherokee Clans and Cherokee Society in the ancient culture.

The Cherokee believed the number 13 was significant. Not only did this number correspond to the lunar cycles of the year, but by a startling coincidence, all species of turtles living in the ancient homeland (in fact, all species turtles in the world) always had 13 scales on the back of their shells. As a result, Cherokee culture associated the spaces on the back of the turtle with the 13 yearly phases of the moon. These phases have shifted over time and do not fall within the 12 month year calendar year precisely every year; therefore Ripe Corn Ceremonies (now called the Green Corn Dances or the Green Corn Ceremony in Modern Times - Ah-ga-we-la Se-lu-ut-si/old woman corn mother) fall in early September as of 2005.

Modern Cherokee Moons Si-nv-da De-ka-lv-tse-gv-'i

Cold Moon....January U-no-lv-ta-na

Bone Moon...February Ka-ga-'li

Windy Moon...March Ah-nv-yi

Flower Moon...April Ka-wo-ni

Planting Moon...May Ah-n(i)-s-gv-ti

Green Corn Moon...June De-ha-lu-yi

Ripe Corn Moon...July Gu-ye-quo-na

Fruit Moon...August Ga-lo-ni

Nut Moon...September Du-li-s-di

Harvest Moon...October Du-ni-n(i)-di

Trading Moon...November Nv-da-de-qua

Snow Moon...December V-s-gi-yi


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