The Cheongye Kwan Daehando Institute[1] (Korean: 학교의우수성한국무술) is a Korean Martial arts system, conceived and developed in Great Britain from 2003 - 2005 by Barry Cook, a 5th Dan Black Belt and was officially formed in 2007.

In English, the name of the style means "School of Excellence in the Korean Way". Unlike purely traditional Martial Arts the Cheongye Kwan Daehando Institute is not fixed like traditional Martial Arts, its philosophy allows its students to evolve individually from their own concepts of the technical elements.

From 2003-2005, the Cheongye Kwan was run as a Kukkiwon[2] Taekwondo school, and in 2005 the idea to develop and create the Cheongye Kwan was established. The evolutional hybrid Martial Art took two years and four stages to become active:

The System

The Cheongye Kwan Daehando system has connections with several Korean martial arts and their superiors in order to facilitate a continued educational development, including many high profile and well known celebrity Masters and Grandmasters, such as Dan Inosanto, Phillip Rhee, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace and Richard Norton[3], to name but a few. The Cheongye Kwan is listed on the Dojo Martial Arts Entertaintment Network website in the USA.[4]

The Name

The name "Cheongye" was chosen and named after a 6 km stream that flows from west to east through Seoul, called the Cheonggyecheon[5] (Cheongye-Stream).

The Philosophy

The aim of the Cheongye Kwan is to achieve a balance between the physical and the mental elements of the martial arts. To achieve this the Cheongye Kwan uses a set of tenets (Jeongsin) that are laid out as its oath, this allows them to monitor their own training outside class lessons, these tenets are:

Consideration, Compassion, Dedication, Motivation, Self Discovery.

Barry Cook

Barry Cook[6] is the founder and chief instructor of the Cheongye Kwan Daehando Institute. Barry is a martial arts actor[7], stuntman[8] and fight choreographer[9] as well as published author of his autobiography[10], he has been involved in the martial arts since 1979.

The Method

The Cheongye Kwan method of martial arts is based on concepts and technical routines including grappling and ground combat training.[11] The students learn how the body moves and reacts so they can apply it to situations.[12] A defensive technique used from a natural reaction is believed by Cook to be faster than a taught technique. With repeated practice the tactical skills become instinctive. Adding both elements together is the foundation of the Cheongye Kwan method.

Cook's Martial Arts School was originally run as a World Taekwondo Federation[13] club belonging to the The British Taekwondo Alliance until he left to form the Cheongye Kwan in 2005.[14]

The Motto

The Cheongye Kwan system has a motto which is "Authentic, Traditional, Professional."

Grappling and Ground Combat

The Grapplezone martial art[15] is the combat grappling section of the Cheongye Kwan which involves training in Korean Yudo.


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