Charles Balic (Lawrence Karlo Balić) born in Katuni (Croatia), December 9th 1899, and dead in Rome, April 15th 1977. Croatian Franciscan Mariologist croato appartenente all'Ordine dei Frati Minori, President of the International Pontifical Marian Academy.


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Carlo Balić, born in Croatia in 1899, brought the rugged character of his country into the debate. He had lived in Rome since 1933, when he had been called to teach at the Antonianum. There he had carried out diverse work as a scholar, editor and, above all, as an organizer of Marian Congresses, including that which took place on the occasion of the Lourdes centennial anniversary in 1958, which turned out to be a type of “dress rehearsal” for the conciliar clash that occurred between “the maximalists” and “the minimalists”.

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