Charles A. Mattson (born March 9, 1924) is an American inventor.

Life and career

Mattson was born in Mecca, Indiana, He graduated from the Tilden Technical High School in 1942.

His first patent was issued on April 21, 1959 for an automatic chain oiler for chain saws for the Remington Arms Company.[1] In January 1967, a patent was issued for a rotary electric lawn mower[2] he co-designed/invented while working at the Sunbeam Corporation in Chicago, Illinois.

Mattson started his career as a Draftsman at Mall Tool Company, in Chicago, Illinois. He worked at Monarch Silver King, Chicago, Illinois. He left Monarch Silver King to work at the Sunbeam Corporation as a Draftsman. He was eventually promoted to Director of Engineering, Outdoor Products. He left Sunbeam to join Allegretti & Company as Vice President Engineering and Manufacturing.


He moved to Chicago, Illinois with his family when he was 14. Mattson married Rita Ellen Carroll in September 1945. They had four children, Barbara, Robert, Sherry and Brian Mattson. Charles and Rita currently reside in Oak Park, California.


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