Channon Rose Lindlief (born September 16, 1985) known professionally as Channon Rose (formerly known as Randi Wright) is an American internet personality and retired pornographic actress.[1] Channon began her adult film career in 2003 as Randi Wright; filming one-hundred twenty three pornographic movies before retiring in 2013. Wright re-launched her career that year as an internet personality under her given name, Channon Rose. Channon creates: DIY, art, beauty, lifestyle, and vlogs for her channel on YouTube.[2] The channel titled, Channon Rose has gained almost eighty-thousand subscribers since it was launched.

Early Life/Education

Channon was born as Channon Rose Lindlief in Northridge, California on September 16, 1985.[3] After graduating from high school, Rose attended Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, before dropping out to pursue a career in adult entertainment. According to Channon via her YouTube videos, she also graduated from phlebotomy and EMT school.[4]


After almost ten years as an adult film actress, Channon retired to pursue a career as an internet personality; creating videos for YouTube; amassing 489,000 subscribers. Rose mainly does vlogs however she has uploaded DIY, tutorials, recipes, and lifestyle videos.[5]

Personal life

Channon is engaged to be married to Travis Dean.[6] They will be married on August 16, 2015 in Walnut Grove, California.[7] The couple met on dating website, Match in 2012; dating for two years until Travis proposed in 2014. Rose has also had many tattoos, most of which are being removed by laser tattoo removal. She has been undergoing tattoo removal treatments for many years, to remove what she refers to as "drunken mistakes".[8] Despite getting rid of some tattoos, Channon is keeping two tattoos, a Kurt Cobain quote on her right shoulder and an amateur heart tattoo on her foot, which was done by a friend. She and Travis have a cat named, Bandit.[9]

Other Ventures

Aside from content creating, Channon is also a professional model; specializing in print.[10] In 2015 Rose released her autobiography, The Story of Channon Rose: Lessons Between the Lines.[11] In 2014 Rose self-released an extended play entitled, What a Life; however she states music is just a hobby and not her career.[12] Channon and Travis were set to release a horror documentary entitled, This Isn't a Movie, about the couple's trip to Big Bear in which Rose became possessed.[13][14][15][16] Many panned the movie; saying it was staged and in 2015 they announced in a video that the film won't be released over legal reasons, as they didn't have permits to film at Big Bear and the possession would make the location "look bad."[17]


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