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Chan Peng Joon (born November 9, 1984) is a web entrepreneur. [1]He is the founder of Smobble Sdn Bhd, of which its core competences include internet marketing.

He is also a frequent speaker at Internet Income Intensive courses started by him, with the help of Success Resources as event managers.

New Straits Times Malaysia published that internet marketer Chan Peng Joon is a Malaysian gamer-turned-millionaire, who turned passion into profit in the online gaming niche in 2004.

Chan has also been interviewed by [2]Business Circle regarding the Emergence of the Online Global Market, especially in South East Asia.


He then created his first gaming guide on World of Warcraft called The Warcraft Guide. Later, when Farmville came out, Chan launched a guide to the game which turned out to be successful.

Chan continued his internet success by starting the Internet Income Intensive to fulfill his desire to share with people how to begin their own online businesses.

Other than his own course, Chan has also been a speaker for wealth seminars such as [3]Wealth Expo and [4]Wealth Summit.

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