Alright Babes

Hiya and welcome gorgeous to my wonderful page on the Wikipedia. My name is Champagne and this is my story. :)


Right hey again. My name is Champagne and i used to live in Essex but now i have moved to london and this is my diary. My best friend Shazzney is mazeballs. Now for some stuff about me. Im a 32F bra size and sunkissed brown, natural but enhanced by a tiny drop of fake tan. Loves You Remember to Read On OMG why am i starting words with capitals like totes lol cakes Chowzezz §§

Day 1

hey babes,

   hows it going darling today I got a new vijazzle as my old one fell off it was toates burnt lol cakes. Moving on from that like totally sad story I have just moved to London in the hope of becoming Cheryl Cole. She is so mazing. My flats like totally gross at the moment as I am totally broke after my boob job but it was totally worth it as I am now a 32F babes. I spent all my money last week on fake tan, my tan is totally natural it is um... for my bezzie Shazzney. Right it as Monday morning and I was at home when Shazzney ran into the kitchen screeming you cow. I think she was slightly angry as I left her on the sitting room floor after she passed out last night and a rat pissed all over her hair extensions. Well she threw herself at me and I jumped out of the way, she hit her head on the kitchen counter and started crying, that was probably cause I threw up all over the counter last night and forgot to clean it up and it got in her fake eylashes.
Well moving on i went to the chippie and you know the well proper reem smell it gives off well it smelt like that and I went in and totally bought a big sausage, obviously tofu I don't eat meat cause I think it makes the animals look well ugly. I walked out and went to the booze shop and got 2 litres of vodka. when I got home me and Shazzney were ready to hit the town, we were armed with a sausage and some false eyelashes covered in sick. Yeah well we went to this nightclub called Bubbles but Shazzney threw up over some rich man and he asked her to leave so we went out and there was this man in a shofer driven car, he could well do with some fake tan. I think his name was Alan Sweetner or something like that. On the way home I met with my ginger neighbour Kelly. She lives in flat 56 and is like obsessed with me this one time she had painted a huge picture of me on her wall but my boobs were too small so i told her to make them as big as my head. OMFG gotta Jeremy Kyle show is on and my mums on it. Its her shot at fame. I promised I would watch, she thinks my stepdad has cheated on her. :)
   Bye Gorgeouses you all are like totally reem loves you all.
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