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Your character's current status, including his/her rank and position, goes here. You begin training in the Vast Empire's Naval Academy, on Naval Platform Cappadocious. If you've chosen Fleet Command, that is the only relevant information, but if you're in the Starfighter Corps, specify that you're in Raptor Squadron, the training squadron. Once you complete your chosen branch's training School, you'll be on active duty (a capital ship for junior officers, and likely Regents or Nightshrike Squadrons for pilots).

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At first glance, you wouldn’t take away much from this young, curly haired woman. She’s a basic height, a basic build; She maintains a fit physique, a result of years of recovery training to join the Naval Academy. The most obvious feature of this trainee is her hair – an entity with a mind of it’s own when left alone to it’s whims. It is already naturally curly and, typically, nothing less than a well-tightened bun has any dream of trying to make it managible. Yet the moment those curls are pulled back, the most striking pair of gray eyes are revealed while faint freckles brush themselves on her cheeks and a tiny mole sits below her lips.


Aside from the classic hardworking attitude that puts most trainees into the Academy, it’s her ability to maintain a level head in high-stakes situations that makes her so valuable. Due to the fact that she will not allow others and their wills to affect her or the Empire’s plans, she does a lot of depending on herself. Besides, if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself, right? That mindset has gotten her very far in life, for the most part, and she aims to go even further. Her hamariata, however, is this lingering sensation for wealth. Greed burns in her heart and it seldom shows any sort of backing down.

Yet despite the ever present temptation, Cervidae's ambition and guts to go far in life keeps her grounded.


Cervidae was born to a single mother on the planet of Lotaith. She was the only child and the only burden to a woman who just wanted to hide herself from society and the world. The child was nothing more than a mistake, an accident – A punishment from a power greater than the mother could ever begin to imagine. The mother feared destruction and anguish to come from the result of one terrible, tragic evening to which a child was made. However, the child was nothing more than just that: a child. She wanted to explore the world, learn, ask questions, meet people, interact with the bustling universe she had been born into. Never a word came from her mother, so the girl took to answering her own questions with the help of those around her. It was through her youthful curiosity where she discovered the intense beauty of flying. The moment she found flying, her curiosity turned to focused passion towards finding a method of unrestricted flight, which she found when learning about the incredible Navy the Empire had. From that day on, Cervidae wanted nothing more than to jon the Empire’s Navy, trying so hard to impress recruiters from the day she turned eighteen.

However, sometimes we can’t always have what we want.

On her first attempt there was a bit of a complication. She was on her way to the recruitment center when a freak crash (an accident on both parties sides) led to a terrifyingly close call in the emergency room, along with a three year period where she was left lying in bed with no chance for returning to the recruiter’s office. Yet, the bed-rest didn’t kill her hope of reaching the skies as a flyer; in fact, it only re-instated it. Even through the recovery, all the girl could see was the vast, unexplored temptations of the universe. The urge to leave the confinding spaces of life planted on the ground was her push and her drive to recover to the fullest so she could pursuit her one passion: flying. The recovery – although very painful and isolated – did occur and, aside from the long scar on her abdomen which remains to this day as a souvenir of the crash, Cervidae is more than ready to take to the skies.

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