Centre for Learning Centre for Learning is a co-educational private school about 35 km West of Bangalore city in India. The school was founded in 1990 by a small group of teachers and educators interested in exploring the philosophy of Jiddu Krishnamurti. The student population of the school is around 70 from classes 2 to 12 (ages 6 to 18). Contents

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The school actively tries to create an atmosphere where there is a lot of informal, constructive interaction between teachers and students. This is based on J. Krishnamurthi's notion that learning is impossible in an environment of fear. Freedom with responsibility is emphasized from an early age, and punishments are kept to a minimum. The school tries to foster a spirit of non-competition. Students are encouraged to direct their own learning. A lot of parental involvement is required; parents are expected to attend monthly meetings where the topics of discussion are general social and educational issues, as well as to volunteer occasionally in the school. A common criticism is that the school provides the students a false sense of utopia that does not prepare them to meet the challenges of the real world. Another criticism often heard is that the school's philosophy and high demand on parental involvement makes it elitist, despite its scholarship program. Education and curriculum

The school is run based on Jiddu Krishnamurti's philosophies, where teachers and students are given freedom and flexibility. In keeping with its stated agenda of fostering non-competition, the school has no tests or examinations at all, except at the 10th and 12th grade level, where students appear for the Cambridge university IGCSEs and A-level examinations. For the grades 2 through 8, the school creates its own curriculum and chooses its own textbooks. Extra-curricular activities, especially nature-related activities, play a major role. Sports and other outdoor activities are compulsory and coed. The emphasis on extra-curricular activities is continued in the senior school, with students going on a long trek in the Himalayas in their final year, in addition to the yearly school excursion.


The school is located on a 25-acre (0.10 km2) campus that lies between agricultural areas in a rolling landscape dominated by granite boulders of all sizes. All buildings lie on the Southern, elevated half of campus, while the rest is allowed to run more or less wild. Extensive landscaping has been carried out on the inhabited portions of the campus. Residential Requirements and Transportation

The school has a part-time boarding system. Students of classes 11 and 12 stay on campus from Monday through Friday, and return home for the weekends. Other students stay on Monday and Wednesday nights, and commute the other days. All students commute to school by bus. The school buses operate on two routes in the city, picking up and dropping students off at various points. Boarding is optional and is available for classes 8 and higher. Hostels are located on campus. Important events

   School birthday on August 1st
   Sports day on January 26th
   School Mela - This is a biannual event, usually held at the end of March.
   Alumni Reunion - this occurs twice a year, in June and December.

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