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Centers for Disease Deterrence
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Agency overview
Formed February 12, 2002
Headquarters Denver, Colorado
Employees 12,200

The Centers For Disease Deterrence (CDD) has remained at the forefront of public health efforts to communicate to the public about infectious and chronic diseases. CDD leads the private sector in providing credible information to enhance public awareness.[1]

The CDD is a privately-held organization, employing an average of 12,200 individuals. CCD Headquarters is based in Denver, Colorado, United States. The CDD has ten field offices located in each of the following locations; Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, and six classified locations worldwide.[2]

The CDD has developed information quality guidelines in order to maintain the quality of information provided to the public. The influence and implications of disseminated information cannot always be anticipated. Because of this, the CDD cannot always guarantee the accuracy of information provided.[3]


The CDD was founded in 2002 and reorganized in 2006. The CDD expanded through the implementation of field offices in 2005 in order to better meet the mission of the organization. Anonymous funding received in 2005 facilitated the expansion.[4]


In 2006, the CDD expanded their focus on public health from natural contagions to both natural and synthetic; providing information to the public and consulting both international government and health sector officials on responding to unknown contagious infections. The CDD now attempts to mitigate public health issues brought upon by international government departments, terrorism, and malicious entities.[5]


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