Carpet Floor is a improvisational rock band formed in California, USA in 1996. Comprised of Garry Davis on guitar and Matt Crane on drums, the duo plays spontaneous music--completely made up on the spot and never practiced in advance. Sometimes, they both also play other percussion and random objects, and other musicians occasionally join in. The sounds the band produces range from heavy psychedelic rock to abstract improvisation with plenty of free jazz-influenced drumming and fuzz guitar destruction. Carpet Floor released four CDs chock-full of heavy music--Majestic, Hovering Pillows, Mass Ejection and Blow Out--on August 2, 2007. Carpet Floor is an offshoot of the indie rock band Custom Floor.


  • Majestic CD (2007, US)
  • Hovering Pillows CD (2007, US)
  • Mass Ejection CD (2007, US)
  • Blow Out CD (2007, US)

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