CARMINE DAVIS, Born James Terrell Thompson, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, author, designer, producer, businessman, and philanthropist. Being both provocative and commercial and appealing to both the urban and pop markets Davis has found success in the underground pop market.

Early Life

Carmine Davis was born James Thompson in South Bend, IN [1] on January 12, 1991. [2]

Carmine began writing songs at a young age and wrote his first song at the age of 8 and began collecting a large amount of composition notebooks full of his poetry, songs and journals.

Davis and younger brother, Tremon "Trey" Thompson, were raised by a single mother, Georgianna Thompson. Davis' mother moved her and her two sons to Pearl, Mississippi in 1997.

In Mississippi, Davis attended the Pearl Public School District where he found it hard to adjust and fit in. Davis later revealed in an interview that he would pull dramatic stunts such as faking a faint in class to get attention. Davis was later persuaded by a classmate to join the performance art programs at high school, Pearl High School.

Carmine Davis joined every single performing arts group possible in high school, including choir where he was a member of Men’s Glee, and Drama where he nabbed lead roles. [3]


Davis released his debut single, “Autograph” in 2010 and began to gain worldwide recognition. After thousands of digital downloads and hits for both the “Autograph” single, remix EP and music video which gained 20,000 views on his official YouTube channel [4] Davis began to work on new material.

Davis released "Controversy" on his Youtube Account to rave reviews. Davis released Controversy: The Remixes EP shortly after. He revealed that his inspiration Prince Rogers Nelson's Controversy Abum was the main influence behind the song.

Davis is in the middle of producing, writing and recording for his debut album Bizarre and prepping for a promotional tour. The summer of 2012 Davis signed a deal to release three fragrances, entitled "Brave", and started his own fragrance company CARMINE DAVIS FRAGRANCES which was announced on the singers Viddy account [5]. The fragrance will be released Spring 2013. Davis has revealed that he has plans to expand his brand into children's books, clothing and bedding in the year 2013. Davis has taking steps into creating his own fitness app for iPhone and Android users and facility entitled Silverbullet Fitness. The app will be released in 2013 while the facility will not break ground until 2014.

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