Carlos Rivera

Carlos Juan Rivera, born February 3,1996. Puerto Rican/ Italian. From the Bronx, New York. He is a singer/ song writer.

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As a child he dreamed to be a singer/ Actor. He stated in an interview "Life in the Bronx was hard for my family and I." Even though he is not big in the music world he is still trying to reach his goal to be successful. He also stated in an interview "I dreamed becoming an actor first than becoming a singer, I never thought about being a singer at all." He was introduced to music by his Aunts boyfriend (Keith Cyrus)who is a rapper. "I saw my Aunts boyfriend rapping and i thought to myself i would like to do music like that" he said. After a year later he heard "Just Dance" by worlds known pop singer Lady Gaga on the radio and fell in love with her voice. He was involved in multiple plays in school and he also did some for programs after school. Carlos had struggles during middle school with being bullied. "I was never bullied before and it was just a bad experience that no one should ever go through." During the time of being bullied he said it got worse during the 8th grade which is when he started to cut school suicidal thoughts came in mind. " I would cruise around New York with 3 other of my friends and come home around 3:30 pm." No one in his house hold new what was going on. "I didn't tell my mom til the day of my 8th grade graduation because i was afraid of what might happen." Carlos is now 16 years old still working on his music and reaching to hit the charts. We spoke to him recently and wanted to check up on things. He is working on an album called "Rise To Fame" he said " My music will inspire people not to give up on what they want to accomplish in their lives. We can't wait to see what he has in store for all to see in the future.

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