Carl M. Rodia is an American entrepreneur.


Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1948, Rodia was raised a Roman Catholic by middle class parents, attended Catholic elementary school and public high school in Bridgeport.

He attended the University of Bridgeport as an undergraduate Medical Technology major. He graduated from the Norwalk Technical College and the University of New Haven with Associate and Bachelor's degrees in Chemical Engineering Technology and Chemistry, respectively.


Rodia has owned and managed several successful technology-based companies since 1973. He is considered a world leader in precision electroforming technology and in micro and nano-scale fabrication technology. Rodia is responsible for engineering and establishing 18 high-technology manufacturing plants for his clients in various countries between 1985 and 1997 including Brazil, France, Germany, India, Taiwan, and the USA. Mr. Rodia is known worldwide as an expert in optical disc, compact disc (CD), recordable compact disc (CD-R), and DVD manufacturing technology. He is responsible for inventing and proliferating the engineering concept known as "In-line" automated compact disc manufacturing technology in 1985 that greatly reduced the cost of producing CDs and DVDs. In-line methodology has been the worldwide standard for production of these products since 1987. His engineering consulting firm, Carl M. Rodia & Associates, Inc., was founded in 1986 and has developed and owns at least three US Patents in the field of CD and DVD manufacturing technology.

Since 2005, Rodia focuses in the health care industry. His business is involved with bringing 21st Century-quality health care technologies and advanced surgical services to developing countries. In 2007 Rodia founded health care companies in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.[1] He is President of Northeast Scientific, Inc. and also Carl M. Rodia & Associates, Inc based in Trumbull, Connecticut.[2] He is the founder of WorldPace, Inc. a non-profit dedicated to providing free cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators and associated medical care to the indigent poor of developing and underdeveloped countries.


He was the Founding Co-Director of The Park City Pride Combined Reunion Drum & Bugle Corps in 2003 and Founder of the PAL Buccaneers Junior Drum & Bugle Corps in 2004, both in Bridgeport. [3]


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