You learn a lot from the past whether it is in life or the world. Yes! We try to foresee the future but it is essential for man to know his past. It is interesting to know about the various cultures and the way of the life of our forefathers has led which could be impossible to know without archaeology. Many consider it rather boring, but the fact is, it is as interesting as any other profession and here you will know new things and you will be the person to reveal it to the world.

This has now become a good career option as the world is waiting to be excavated. An archaeologist studies about the objects of the past such as pottery, paintings, articles of daily use, weapons, animal, plant and human remains, architecture, relics and so on, to study the past human cultures. When the artefacts are excavated are properly analysed and documented for future use. The findings in the digs add character and a new dimension to the already known facts.

This stream truly throws light to the unknown facts of the past and presents with mystery which is challenging to unravel. For example the Pyramids in Egypt which has thrown all the modern architectures in awe. It is still difficult to digest that these huge landmarks have perfect architecture plan, thousands of years ago and these massive blocks where brought from the surrounding areas without the help of the modern technology.

It is a challenge which only few can accept and unravelling the mysteries is not everyone’s cuppa tea. This might not be suitable for every one as a good archaeologist need to have

  • Patience to complete the project which might take few months or years.
  • It is a demanding profession as they have to spend time excavating at the sites and also need to tent there. You might have to travel to various places.
  • Good knowledge about history and ardent reading habit.
  • Focused mind and excellent penmanship.

There are several opportunities to make a career out of it. There are people always needed in this stream as you need to cover vast areas. If you are not interested to take up this as your full time career, you can go as a guest lecture where there is a lot of demand. You can take up full time lecture post in universities where you will be paid well and professors have even better benefits.

You have various colleges offering this course as bachelors. You can avail the scholarship facilities to complete your studies. Many universities have included this subject into their curriculum as they have realised the importance of this course. It is important for man to know the future but even more important is the past which determines and designs the future and this is possible with archaeology. This job has lots of in depth mysteries which is different from others. It stands as challenge which only few can take up.

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