For the character known as Captain Darling in the British comedy series Blackadder, see Kevin Darling

Captain Darling are a Dutch band, consisting of five members: Pim Ophof (vocals), Jaap Korst (lead guitar), Michaël Kloeg (bass guitar), Tom van Oorschot (keyboard) and Bart Denissen (drums).


Starting out in 2005 as a stoner rock band, nowadays the lads have a more positive and accessible sound. The band's strength is the fine balance of the members' individual talents and backgrounds. They are all about rock-'n'-roll, which is emphasized by the lead singer's deep, raw voice. Their love for music is audible in every track.

The band have performed at several regional festivals, including Elastiek Muziek and Paaspop, and have won several awards, including the Popov Prijs and the Popprijs Den Hout.

In 2007 the band made their first demo album, which has been well received by their increasing fan base.

In 2008 the band hopes to record their first hit single and video.

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