Capped composite decking is composed of wood fiber and plastic, like composite decking, but has the added advantage of a thin PVC-like veneer, or cap.[1]


Capped composite decking is, at its core, composite decking. The thin, approximately 1/16th inch PVC-like veneer or cap, however, is the differentiating factor. This cap provides protection for the composite underneath. The cap is also formulated differently to provide increased fade, stain, and scratch resistance.[2]


This cap adds additional protection and performance to the normal composite underneath, resulting in a product that is more durable than regular composite decking. Solid PVC decking is still considered the highest quality choice in the manufactured decking industry, but the lower cost and ever-increasing quality of capped composites make them a viable alternative. Capped composite decking is as easy to work with as wood, and is much lower maintenance. No sanding, staining, or painting is required when caring for a capped composite deck, although regular cleaning is recommended. Capped composites are composed partially of waste wood and recycled plastic, making them an environmentally friendly, efficient use of resources


Due to the higher quality of the product, capped composite decking is more expensive than both normal composite decking and wood decking. The initial investment when building the deck is much higher, although manufacturers claim that the increased life of the deck makes it an economical decision. Capped composites also lack the feel of real wood. Although manufacturers form the product with a realistic wood grain or brush stroke, some contractors and deck owners will not accept the artificial sheen. Capped composites, although formulated to resist fading, stains, and scratches, will show some wear over time, even if it is less than a normal composite or real wood product.[3]

For more information about the composite decking under the cap, see composite decking

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