Canyon View Junior High School
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Coordinates 40°18′53″N 111°40′51″W / 40.3147785°N 111.6807282°W / 40.3147785; -111.6807282Coordinates: 40°18′53″N 111°40′51″W / 40.3147785°N 111.6807282°W / 40.3147785; -111.6807282
School type Public Middle school
School district Alpine School District
Principal Dr. Kip Simmonsen, Ph.D.
Grades 7 through 9
Color(s) Light Goldenrod      and Rosy Brown     
Mascot Carp
Newspaper 'The Daily Fishwrap'
Feeder to Bergeson High School and Nelson High School

Canyon View Junior High School is a school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that serves 7th to 9th grade students from the southern section of Alberta.[1] Students from Canyon View attend one of two high schools: Bergeson High School and Nelson High School.[2]


Canyon View won the "Best in Province" award for Canadian public elementary, middle, and high schools in 1995-1997. Canyon View also won "Best in Province" in 2009 as well. Canyon View is known for its highly excelled academic courses. They offer classes in robotics engineering, hydraulics design, and acupuncture. The school offers three different Advanced Placement programs in Canadian History, World Geography, and Anatomy. Canyon View Junior High School offers several language courses in English, French, German, and Chinese.[3]


The Canyon View Junior High School has won numerous province championships in swimming, ice fishing, football, and track and field. Canyon View Junior High School has also won minority league championships in badminton, skeet shooting, dressage, shuffleboard, and handball. Canyon View Junior High School is known for its quality athletic programs, with two top coaches Tyler Threte and Korbin Huber. Directors of athletic programs Kathlene Moe and Pebbles Belsnap have pushed towards a more inclusive athletic program since they were both hired in 1992. Their hopscotch team, The Carp of Canyon View, won the Cul-de-sac of 340 N award. This is one of their Cities highest awards![4]


Canyon View Junior High offers students transportation to and from school with its own transportation system of buses. Usually the busses are yellow, but depending on the area, some are heliotrope. Special needs children are also provided with a bus that is accessible to them. In addition to transportation to and from schools, the school district runs buses for school field trips, athletic events, and other approved necessities for a bus in Alberta.



  Dr. Kip Simmonsen, Ph.D.
  Lincoln Williams
  Mitchell Nielson

Secretarial Pool:

  Nolan Grayson
  Garrett Cookson
  David Johannson
  Meagen Moss

Department of Mathematics:

  MegAnne Peterson
  Lesly Colton
  Matthais Owens
  Sariah Maloy
  Isabelle Thaine

Department of Science:

  Miranda Caizer
  Emilie Milarde
  Mellisa Johnson
  Nathaniel Mellah

Department of Fine Arts:

  Cassidy Christiansen
  Jessica Seammen
  Ryanne Cheney
  Addrienne Williamson

Department of Athletics:

  Tyler Threte
  Korbin Huber
  Kathlene Moe
  Pebbles Belsnap

Department of Languages:

  Nathan Livinstone
  Mickay Mase
  MaryLynne Hume
  Indiana Losee
  Britta Adamson
  Ammon Nimmerson
  Sabina Bay
  Kathy Hamiltsen

Department of Family And Consumer Science:

  Allyssa Monson
  Emily Walker
  Brynne Shill
  Mikhail Santiago
  Mickayla Cookson

Department of Technology:

  Candice Grenewood
  Christoph Web
  Edison Bickmore
  Miranda McPhear


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