CampusLIVE is a website launched in 2008, that offers students discounts, product trial and chances to win prizes in exchange for participating in brand campaigns. Launched in 2008 in a dorm room at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, CampusLIVE sought to help college students connect digitally to the world around them.They saw the struggles on both sides of the advertising world:

  • Brands tried but failed to successfully engage this crucial demographic, which produces huge spend, decades of loyalty and fierce brand affinity.
  • Students grew increasingly frustrated with intrusive, interruptive, low-response advertising from out-dated strategies that forced messages upon them. These are consumers bred to avoid “push”advertising who live their lives online, purchasing what their friends purchase.

CampusLIVE has since resolved this struggle and has grown to become a leader in Engagement Marketing, interactive, enjoyable campaigns that don’t interrupt but instead offer tremendous value to both brand and consumer.


As of Fall 2011, CampusLIVE reaches over 890 top US colleges and universities, and we add new campuses each month. Their reach extends to millions of students, each of whom then share their experiences with brands from CampusLIVE to their social networks, for intimate yet viral earned media. College students spend $300B/year, $120B of which is discretionary. And 75% own up to 3 credit cards.Connecting a brand to a student creates initial value for both sides. But CampusLIVE takes this one very important step further,connecting students to each other, with the brand, product or service being the connecting experience. College students average 600 friends on Facebook, and 92% of them use social media. Over half say they like following brands on these channels as well.

How it Works

CampusLIVE creates customized, pay-for-performance “challenges” – contests, activities or games for students to complete that actively involve students in marketing campaigns and produce important results for marketers.These programs incentivize and reward student activity needed by each brand, as students complete multiple actions as part of the campaign. In turn, the students have fun, unlock exclusive prizes, enter sweepstakes, win discounts or experiences,and share their activity and the brand message to their peers.

CampusLIVE offers a unique pay-for-performance model for clients, focusing on the growing Cost-Per-Engagement fee structure. Instead of purchasing banner advertisements that result in paid clicks (CPC) or impressions (CPM), CampusLIVE only charges for successful "engagements" with a sponsoring brand.


As of the Fall of 2011, CampusLIVE has partnered with some of the following brands:

In The News

Since its inception in 2008, CampusLIVE has been featured in a number of trusted publications in both print, TV, and online.

  • Fox News, "Freebies for College Students" [1]
  • Entrepreneur Magazine, "Five Tips for Marketing to College Students" [2]
  • TechCrunch, "CampusLIVE Raises $3.1 Million To Help Brands Connect With College Students" [3]
  • Mashable, "CampusLIVE Gives Students Real-Time News They Can Use" [4]
  • Market Watch, "Ernst & Young Campus Hiring Returns to Pre-Recession Levels: Taps CampusLIVE as part of new campaign " [5]
  •, "$3 million for CampusLIVE, connecting marketers with college students" [6]
  • Boston Innovation, "Looking to Engage College Students? Turn to CampusLive" [7]
  • Business Week, "Best Young Entrepreneurs, Class of 2008" [8]


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