Jane Eyre Study Guide

Jane Eyre- The protagonist of the novel

Mrs. Reed- Jane’s cruel aunt, who raises her at Gateshead until Jane is sent away to school

Eliza Reed- Jane’s cousin and another of Mrs. Reed’s two daughters.

Georgiana Reed- Jane’s cousin and one of Mrs. Reed’s two daughters. 

John Reed- Jane’s abusive cousin, and son of Mrs. Reed

Mr. Lloyd- The Reeds’ apothecary, who suggests that Jane be sent away to school

Mr. Brocklehurst- The cruel, hypocritical master of the Lowood School, calls Jane a liar

Miss Temple- The kind teacher at Lowood, who treats Jane and Helen with respect and compassion.

Miss Scatcherd- The cruel teacher at Lowood, especially hates Helen Burns

Helen Burns- Jane’s best friend at Lowood. Helen later dies of consumption

Edward Rochester- Jane’s employer, the master of Thornfield, and later in the book, her husband

Adele Varens-  Jane’s pupil at Thornfield and Mr. Rochester’s mistress’s daughter

Jane Eyre Study Guide Group 3 Quotes

Mrs. Fairfax- The housekeeper at Thornfield.

“I have served here eight years; now all I want is to serve elsewhere" (Chp. 11, pg. 96).

Grace Poole- Bertha Mason’s careless keeper at Thornfield. The laughing at the beginning was thought to be her.

“Only master had been reading in his bed last night;he fell asleep with his candle lit, and the curtains got on fire; but, fortunately, he awoke before the bed-clothes or the wood work caught, and contrived to quench the flame with the water in the ewer” (Chp. 16, pg. 156).

Richard Mason- Bertha Mason’s brother, the person who stopped Jane and Rochester’s first marriage.

“She is now living at Thornfield Hall; I saw her there last April. I am her brother” (Chp. 26, pg.295-296).

Blanche Ingram- A beautiful rich woman who hopes to marry Rochester for his money.

“...I have seen a gipsy vagabond;she has practiced in hackneyed fashion the science of palmistry, and told me what such people usually tell” (Chp. 18, pg. 197).

St. John Rivers-  Jane’s benefactor after she runs away from Thornfield, also her cousin.

“Jane, you would not repent marrying me; be certain of that; we must be married” (Chp. 34, pg. 415).

Mary and Diana Rivers- Sisters to St. John and cousins to Jane. Diana talks more than Mary, as she urged Jane not to marry St. John.

“Madness! You would not live three months there, I am certain. You never shall go: you have not consented--have you, Jane? (Chp. 35, pg. 422)

Rosamond Oliver- Daughter of Mr. Oliver, richest in Morton. She is in love with St. John, but marries Mr. Granby.

“Now, Mr. Rivers, do come. Why are you so very shy, and so very sombre?” (Chp. 31, pg. 371).

Mr. Briggs- John Eyre’s attorney, he helps Mr. Mason go and stop Jane and Rochester’s wedding.

“The marriage cannot go on: I declare the existence of an impediment” (Chp. 26, pg. 293).

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