Cam Brady
[[Image:|160px|center|Cam Brady]]
Office: Representative from North Carolina
District: 14th
Political party: Democratic
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Preceded by: District created
Succeeded by: Marty Huggins
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Camden Brady is a fictional politician from the 2012 political comedy film, The Campaign. He is portrayed by actor Will Ferrell, as a Member of the US House of Representatives representing the fictional 14th Congressional District of North Carolina. In the film, he is portrayed as a self-centered politician who likes to have affairs with his campaign supporters. He's served in office for 8 years, it means that he's been a Congressman since 2005. He is challenged by a local tourist guide named Marty Huggins, who runs on the Republican ticket. At the end of the film, he withdraws his victory, leaving it to Huggins.


- The Campaign (film)

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