Calvian Nugroho Pangerti (born 4 June 1993), better known by her stage name Calvian Nextadextoxin, is an Indonesian DJ's since 2009 and raise since 2010. He studied in Budi Mulia School, Indonesia.

after he graduated from high school, he began to DJ contest in the city of Malang, Indonesia. in his first contest, he lost just because one giving the effect. DJ on the second contest in early 2010, he entered the contest once again. In the contest, he has got a rival friends, namely John Vicky ( Wolfent Zaky ). nevertheless, he still tried.

he unexpectedly won the contest. in addition to receiving the prize, he was also given a bonus for appearing in several cafes in the city of Malang. one of its cafes are visited by offering a recording contract for 3 years. that's when he started to DJ in the city of Malang. on his first appearance outside the city of Malang ,a criticism that he had told him to change his music and genres that are not clear, select the genre which he said the dam could be played. In early January 2011, he began to choose the genre that suits her. because of this, he changed his nickname from DJ Calvian's Nextadextoxin be Calvian Nextadextoxin, as well as having Progessive House and Dubstep genre, and make an album entitled " HESOPHIA " which tells of her experience preferred. contained songs such as: Hesophia! , The Soldier , My Friends , 1st Concert , with Nightmare Remix , Kindhaser , and CRY . 1 week after the launch of the album, he removes the song from the album CRY because the song had been broken at the end. instead, the song was replaced with a song titled Saga , and launched the successor album, namely " HESOPHIA HC12 "

Before the Contest

Before Calvian following the DJ Contest to become a DJ, Calvian once had a band called C@FR . The band is made ​​with a friends when I was junior high school. Due to a misunderstanding, the band did not develop. At that time he continued to follow a musical contest in the city, including the DJ contest that followed. Not only Calvian the DJ at his old band, but his former band members Felix Revanka is also a DJ, but in a different way and got the nickname Flix rev Trix . In addition Felix Revanka , his junior high school friend named Vicky also be a DJ by working with Calvian. And Vicky has a nickname Wolfent Zaky . After the three of them became DJ in Indonesia, Calvian Nextadextoxin, Flix rev Trix , and Wolfent Zaky was competing to be the best.


HESOPHIA HC12 is the first official album of Calvian Nextadextoxin. However, what is the meaning of HESOPHIA ? Calvian Nextadextoxin naming HESOPHIA because it comes from the name of a friend of his junior high school that is Sophia. While the word HE is the additional words that people do not immediately understand that Sophia is the name of someone who Calvian know. And HC12 word has a meaning, namely He's first album, clear(finish)in 2012.

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