Callum McKenzie also know as Papa Cal.

Papa cal is a very well respected man. who grew up in the small town of Dawlish. he was born on the 15th of May in 1995. in 1999 he started primary school at Westcliff. he was a very well respected pupil who was lived by everyone. after completing the 6 year school he finished with honors and then went on to join Dawlish community college. At DCC he made many friends who helped him get through on of the toughest times in his life ( the new kid phase.) after getting past the phase and after finishing School he was unsure what to do with his life. it was after a long thought process he decided to become an agony uncle. it was after making this decision that he discovered his life's passion helping people. he now helps all sorts of people from drunks to druggies. if you wish to get in contact with him or ask for his help then he is easily reached on twitter @Callum_7. he stats that his inspiration comes from the great Charlie sheen. some of Papa Cals hobbies are; Writing poetry, the opera, fine and modern arts and of course Helping people. He believes that he was put on this earth to server one purpose and one purpose only to help the worst off than himself. He is always putting others before him and is often accredited with work that Florence Nightingale would be proud of. for more information on his works then contact him via twitter stated above.

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