About Calleen Anderegg pronounced "(Colleen)" is an American television personality, actress and musician. She is from Salt Lake City Utah, but spent her teenage years in Dallas Texas, where she competed and won the 1966 Miss Dallas pageant. She later met her husband and she and her family now live in Covington, Washington.

Television and Film

The Group and Chapman

Calleen moved to Dallas Texas in the Summer of 1965 because her father found work in the city. She became a student at Richardson High School. While waiting for her father to finish a job at a local Dallas hotel she met Ralph Baker Jr who was working at WFAA-TV on The Group And Chapman show. They began talking and he asked her to audition for the show. She agreed and became a regular member of the group. She and Ralph Baker Jr remained close and were often in the same segments of the show.

Sump'n Else Show

WFAA-TV had built a new television studio in Northpark Center and created a weekly afternoon bandstand show. The station auditioned local girls to form a television dance group called The Little Group. Calleen got a part and was joined with members Joan Prather, Kathy Forney, and Delpha Teague. The show became popular locally. [1][2]

Marriage: What Kind For You? (1967 film)

Calleen appeared in the 1967 film, Marriage: What Kind For You? while attending college.

Return to Sump'n Else

Calleen returned to Dallas in 1968, and appeared on the Sump'n Else Psychedelic Light Show episode. This was the final episode of Sump'n Else and she and Ralph Baker Jr were on it again. Afterwords she briefly worked with Ron Chapman on the production team of KVIL-FM. She was later in a local Dallas band. [3][4]

More Productions

Calleen lived in Los Angeles and performed in many live productions. She reunited with the Sump'n Else Group on September 7, 1985 to broadcast the 20th Anniversary Episode.


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