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CHRISJayify A Dominican-American sort of normal family, not more like an awkward family. Three teenagers named Jeremy Marporty portrayed by (Jeremy “(The JNO)” Garcia) (Mysterious One), Jaylin Marporty portrayed by (Jaylin Crucey) (Smart One), and Chris Marporty portrayed by (Christopher Garcia) (Messy One). Also two friends that they just met and they clicked and became friends named Tyler & Maryissa Hernandez portrayed by (Kathy Diaz) and(Jose “Chito” Bermudez)(Aching Ones). Also there are two cute little ones that are called Jasmine and Joshua Marporty portrayed by (Jasmine Garcia) and (Joshua Garcia) (Cute Ones) with parents portrayed by (David J Garcia) and (Tiana Garcia) . All gets in situations that sometimes get over handed. Watch it on Sundays 8/7c on Lifetime.