CALICO is a Hurricane flavored energy drink created and sold by U.S. company Calico Jacks LLC. Created in 2008, Calico is also known as "Calico Jack's Original Energy Drink" or "Calico Energy Drink." Calico Jacks LLC. is a privately owned limited liability company founded and incorporated in 2010.

The beverage was inspired by existing beverages that were sold on the market in the French Quarter in the early and mid decades of the 21 Century. Applied ideas and scientific knowledge were used to formulate and suit the taste of Louisiana tourists and locals alike. Founded in New Orleans, Louisiana; the company was actually incorporated in Mississippi during development. Calico is sold in a tall, slim, black and white energy drink can. The Calico Jack's Original Energy Drink company slogan is "It's local, and it's fresh", the product is marketed through internet advertising, word of mouth, and frequent giveaways. There is currently only 1 flavor of the drink under the Calico brand in North America. The regular flavors color is red, it is packaged in a black can with a white jolly roger type logo featuring a skull with two cross swords.

Calico Jack's Original Energy drink can be used alone, to provide the common effects of cup of coffee; or occasionally mixed with rum to help mask the effects of intoxication when consumed with alcohol.


Calico Energy Drink is advertised mainly through e commerce. Calico Jacks LLC. Does not currently have an official distribution agreement with an outside resource.

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The Calico Energy logo is widely recognized as a pirate logo originating from the famous Pirate named John Rackham also known as "Calico Jack." The design was trademarked by Calico Jacks LLC. in 2010. The logo is composed of a vibrant, large, white ″Skull″ on field of black. The ″Skull″ is stylized in such a way as to imply that it hovers above and in between two large pirate swords on the front side of the can.

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